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The philosophy of the LODLC is focused on how to open up access to high quality, international standard and appropriate education in a setting that is flexible, open, and civilized. To achieve this, only appropriate technology shall be deployed and a number of barriers to an engaging and satisfying learning experience will be minimized.

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At LAUTECH Open and Distance Learning Centre, we ensure the following:


  • Lifelong Learning- As a dual mode University, we recognize the fact that learning is not restricted by age or location. For us, learning is a lifelong process; that takes place throughout life and in a range of situations.
  • Collaborative Learning – We believe that peer to peer learning or peer moderated learning could deepen learners’ knowledge, when learners work in pairs or small groups to discuss concepts, or find solutions to problems. We use technology to support peer to peer learning.
  • Blended Learning Approach - Blended learning is a student-centered approach to create a learning experience whereby the learner interacts with other students, with the instructor, and with content through thoughtful integration of online and face-to-face environments

Flexible Tuition Fee Payment; Flexible Admission processing, Registration & Examination; Robust Learning Pedagogy (Hard copies/book; Electronic copies, lecture videos and a very robust Learning Management System) & Programme Transfer (Face-to-Face mode to Open and Distance learning Mode):

  • At LODLC, tuition fees can be paid per semester.
  • You can start your learning anytime – flexibility is the key.
  • Admission & Registration processes are 100% online.
  • All our learning materials are available in the following formats; printed copies,   electronic copies, and Audiovisuals.
  • Face-to-face students facing challenges with keeping up on campus are free to transfer their studies to the Distance Learning option.
  • Our well-stocked e-library provides access to a number of online databases



  • At LODLC, Parity of Esteem is exemplary. ODL students follow same procedures applicable to the face-to-face programmes.
  • LODLC students are not discriminated against in any way. Upon graduation, NO distinction is placed on their certificates or transcript to differentiate them from face-to-face modes (“Online” or “e-learning” or “Distance Learning” will not be written on your certificate). Graduation of LODLC candidates, takes place at the same time as that of face-to-face students.


  • You are guaranteed a stable academic calendar as the Centre is autonomous; hence there is NO “STRIKE”.
  • You can visit our website, student portal, LMS and other online resources 24/7 to experience our robust learning platform.


LAUTECH ODL provides platforms through which Programme specific Information Advice and guidance would are offered to the following categories of people that have business with LAUTECH ODL. These are:

  • Prospective Applicants
  • Existing Students
  • Alumni members

Telephone and email help lines to Learner Support Staffs, IA&G officers, Guidance and Counseling staff, Academic Advisers, e-tutors and other Management staff are all available to you.


Please visit LODLC Website at: