The Students Union Government

The University Authorities recognize the students' Union Government as a relevant arm of the central Administration of the University. Although it is not compulsory that all students should participate fully in Students' Unionism, the University authorities expect all student to be financially involved in student Unionism for easy administration of students.

The purpose of the students Union is to promote and expand interest in students and the student body. The Executive Officers of the student Union Government are president, Vice-president, General Secretary, Assistant general secretary, welfare officer, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Sports Director, Public Relations Officer, and Director of Socials.

The constitution prepared and approved by the students themselves regulates the conduct of the students Union Government.

  • Demonstrations/Protests

The LAUTECH recognizes the crucial importance of maintaining open communication and dialogue in the process of identifying and resolving problems, which may arise from the dynamics of life in the University. All members of the LAUTECH community are therefore free to examine and discuss all questions of interest to them and to express opinions.

Also important, however is the legitimate right of any member of the community to disagree, to hold different opinion or to think differently from others. This is an integral aspect of University education and academic freedom. But because academic freedom is rather fragile, and for it to be meaningful, the community must always be protected from attack by extremists of whatever persuasion, which would negate this essential freedom of inquiry, by their coercive and disruptive actions, which interfere with the rights, and freedom of others.

Students are free to support causes by all orderly means as long as they do not disrupt the regular and essential operations and activities of the University since such disruptions would violate the responsible exercise of free enquiry and expression.

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